Classical Guitar Design

Classical Guitar Design
By Giuseppe Cuzzucoli & Mario Garrone

This book describes the whole process of designing guitars, including the idea and guidelines for implementing it in practice. It discusses areas from acoustics and resonators to new tools and the way they assist traditional construction techniques.

The book begins by discussing the basics of the sounds of a guitar, strings, and oscillating systems. It then moves on to resonators and acoustics within the guitar, explaining the analysis systems and evaluation methods, and comparing classic and modern techniques. Each area of the guitar is roofed, from the soundboard and therefore the back, to the method of closing the instrument. The book concludes with an analysis of historic and modern guitars.

This book is of interest to luthiers eager to advance their practice, guitar players wishing to find out more about their instruments, and academics in engineering and physics interested by the principles of acoustics when applied to musical instruments.

Mario Garrone was born in 1932. As an entrepreneur, he managed a metallurgic and mechanic company, producing goods for houses. This helped him gain an in-depth knowledge of the physics of materials and metallurgy. For years, he spent tons of your time as a radio-amateur, learning from that have the fundamentals of electricity and electronics. Simultaneously, he learned the way to build violins and guitars by himself or from other luthiers – historical or contemporary. Today, his instruments are highly prized and are played by professional musicians also as students at musical academies. he's the author of the book ‘La Costruzione Della Chitarra Classica’ (Bèrben 1994) in Italian. he's married and has two children.

Giuseppe Cuzzucoli has degrees in Electronic Engineering and knowledge Science, from Politecnico di Torino and UniversitĂ  di Torino, respectively, and he has developed electronic systems for the automotive industry. He has also devoted himself to the guitar – the instrument of his choice – and has explored its history, music, literature, and acoustics. He now works full time on the physics of the guitar. he's the author of the book ‘Fisica Della Chitarra Classica’ (Create Space Independent Publishing – 2018) in Italian and of variety of papers on the physical model of the classical guitar. he's married, with one daughter.

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