Doctoral Writing: Practices, Processes And Pleasures

Doctoral Writing
By Susan Carter & Cally Guerin & Claire Aitchison

This book on doctoral writing offers a refreshingly new approach to assist Ph.D. students and their supervisors overcome the host of writing challenges which will make—or break—the dissertation process. The book’s unique contribution to the sector of doctoral writing is its sort of reflection on ongoing, lived practice; this is often more readable than an easy how-to book, making it a welcome resource to support doctoral writing. The experiences and practices of research writing are explored through bite-sized vignettes, stories, and actionable ‘teachable’ accounts.Doctoral Writing: Practices, Processes and Pleasures has its origins during a highly successful academic blog with a world following. Inspired by the recognition of the blog (which had quite 14,800 followers as of October 2019) and a desire to form our six years’ worth of posts more accessible, this book has been authored, reworked, and curated by the three editors of the blog and reconceived as a conveniently structured book.

About the Author

Associate Professor Susan Carter is a tutorial developer at the Centre for Learning and Research in education at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Prof. Carter has spent eight years producing a generic doctoral programme, designing and facilitating seminars, writing retreat workshops, and preparing half-yearly fora. She has designed and taught workshops for supervisors, including several on sustaining their candidates’ writing. Funded by Ako Aotearoa, a search project that she led provides good-practice advice for supervisors at the national level. She also provides workshops for academics seeking support with research writing. She may be a founding co-editor of the DoctoralWriting blog.

Dr. Cally Guerin may be a Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide, South Australia . Dr. Guerin has worked in researcher education, running workshops and short courses for research students and supervising Ph.D. candidates at the varsity of Education. Her active involvement in doctoral education includes serving on the organizing committees of key conferences within the field, Quality in Postgraduate Research (QPR) and therefore the International Doctoral Education Research Network (IDERN). She may be a founding co-editor of the DoctoralWriting blog and a Senior Fellow of the upper Education Academy (now referred to as Advance HE). Her research interests include research writing, academic identities, academic mobility and internationalization, academic integrity, the tutorial workforce, and doctoral education.

Dr. Claire Aitchison may be a Senior Lecturer working as a tutorial developer at the Teaching Innovation Unit, University of South Australia . At Western Sydney University, she provided individual and writing group support for researcher scholars, a context during which she researched doctoral and supervisor writing practices and established on-campus and online writing programmes. Her interests include pedagogies for supporting doctoral writing and publication, emotions in candidature, external non-traditional support for doctoral candidates, and social media spaces for doctoral writing and support. As co-founder and contributor to the DoctoralWriting blog, she regularly rehearses her supervisory practices and delights within the collegiality of social learning  networks.

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