Engineering Economy 17th edition pdf

Engineering Economy
By William G. Sullivan & Elin M. Wicks & C. Patrick Koelling

Understand the importance of engineering economics principles and the way to form smart economic choices

Used by engineering students worldwide, this bestselling text provides a sound understanding of the principles, basic concepts, and methodology of engineering economy. Explanations and examples that are student-centered and practical in real-life situations help students develop pro ciency within the methods and processes for creating rational decisions. Built upon the rich and time-tested teaching materials of earlier editions, the text is extensively revised and updated to reflect current trends and issues. The remake captures the spirit of environmental sustainability with quite 160 “green” problems, also as new end-of-chapter problems and group exercises, and includes updates to the new 2017 Federal Tax code revisions.

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About the Author

Dr. William G. Sullivan earned his Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He has made enduring contributions to the sector of engineering economy education in his quite 40 years of service to the industry and therefore the academy. A tireless lecturer, he has taught engineering economy to quite 10,000 students at five major universities (Georgia Tech, University of Tennessee, North Carolina State University, Arizona State University, and Virginia Tech). Dr. Sullivan's textbooks within the field (five in total), including "Engineering Economy" (17th edition) still contribute to the education of thousands of scholars. He also has extensive consulting experience with 25 firms within the U.S.

Elin M. Wicks is that the owner of Abacus Accounting LLC, an accounting and bookkeeping company focused on empowering small business owners to realize financial success. She earned a BS and MS in industrial management from Rutgers University where her master's research focused on a way of quantifying non-economic factors in monetary terms. During this point, she also developed software tools to help Cosmair Inc. in improving scheduling and labor recording practices. She went on to earn her Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech focussing on the planning of cellular manufacturing systems. She then joined the school of the University of Missouri, Columbia within the Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Department. After taking a while off to boost her children, she supplemented her education within the field of accounting and have become the Senior Accountant of Glenn B. Cohen, CPA - an accounting and financial management firm. She has been an author of Engineering Economy since the publication of the 10th edition.

C. Patrick Koelling has served on the school in industrial and systems engineering at Virginia Tech since 1987. Dr. Koelling received his Ph.D. in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering in 1982 from Arizona State University, an MBA in 1978, M.S.I.E. in 1977, and B.S.I.E. in 1976, all from the University of Missouri. He conducts research and teaches in research and management systems engineering. before joining Virginia Tech, he spent two years at Hallmark Cards as a senior analyst and three years as a professor at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Koelling has also served as head of commercial engineering and management at Oklahoma State. Dr. Koelling has consulted with several private and government organizations, including the establishment of the latest industrial and systems engineering programs. he's a Fellow of the Institute of commercial and Systems Engineers, executive of Alpha Pi Mu, the economic engineering honor society, and Director of Accreditation Affairs for the Institute of commercial and Systems Engineers.

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