Environmental Economics and Management: Theory, Policy, and Applications

Environmental Economics and Management
By Scott J. Callan & Janet M. Thomas

Provide your students with an applied, practical approach to environmental theory that's accessible to both students who have minimal exposure to economics, and students with a complicated understanding of economics. With a strong concentrate on policy and real-world issues, Callan/Thomas’s ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT: THEORY, POLICY, AND APPLICATIONS, Sixth Edition, doesn't compromise economic theoretical concepts, but it does complement theory with timely, real-world applications. Your undergraduate or MBA students will gain a transparent perspective of the connection between market activity and therefore the environment. The text integrates a robust business perspective into the event of environmental deciding for a viewpoint often overlooked in additional conventional approaches. The book emphasizes the use of economic analytical tools, like market models, benefit-cost analysis, and risk analysis, to assess environmental problems and to measure policy solutions. With a proven, modular structure, this edition provides a well-organized presentation with the pliability to simply tailor the order of presentation and content of the course to your individual teaching needs.

About the Author

Dr. Scott J. Callan is a professor of economics at Bentley University. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Texas A & M University. before joining the Bentley faculty in 1987, Professor Callan was a member of the business faculty at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. His teaching areas of interest concentrate on quantitative methods and applied microeconomic topics, like environmental economics, managerial economics, and sports economics. He has taught courses in environmental economics and therefore the economics of natural resources at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. additionally to the present textbook, Dr. Callan has authored numerous applied microeconomic articles for economic journals including the SOUTHERN ECONOMIC JOURNAL, REVIEW of economic ORGANIZATION, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC STATISTICS, and JOURNAL OF SPORTS ECONOMICS. His environmental economics research investigates the demand and provides characteristics related to the marketplace for municipal solid waste (MSW). He also examines demand-side topics including the impact of pay-as-you-throw programs on waste generation, disposal, and recycling activities. His study of supply-side issues has focused on the extent of economies of scale and scope within the provision of MSW services. His research findings have appeared in LAND ECONOMICS and ENVIRONMENTAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS also as other academic journals. Recent research efforts have explored the various facets of corporate social performance and its effect on firm behavior. additionally, to his many publications, Dr. Callan has reviewed scholarly articles for a good sort of academic publications also as research grant proposals for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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