Managing Transformation Projects: Tracing Lessons From The Industrial To The Digital Revolution

Managing Transformation Projects
By Mark Kozak-Holland & Chris Procter

This book examines the management of three projects from the nineteenth century which led to substantial business transformation: the Stockton to Darlington Railway, the US Transcontinental Railroad and therefore the Manchester shipway. the teachings learned are of great relevance to contemporary project management, particularly those concerned with disruptive technology. The book addresses a good range of project management topics related to transformation. These include value management, sponsorship, governance, partnerships, opportunity management, project culture and morale, project complexity, uncertainty, prototyping and piloting, agility, innovation, risk and knowledge management.

About the Author

Mark Kozak-Holland is a Senior Project Manager with over 30 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies initiate and execute transformational projects that leverage emerging technologies that will be disruptive. Mark is additionally a speaker, researcher, and trainer, and is especially hooked into using history as a tool for solving modern business problems.

Chris Procter has been a project manager, lecturer (at the University of Salford), researcher and consultant in project management for over 30 years and has significant experience in pedagogical research and professional development and practice.

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