Optimal Audio and Video Reproduction at Home: Improving the Listening and Viewing Experience

Optimal Audio and Video Reproduction at Home
By Vincent Verdult

Optimal Audio and Video Reproduction reception may be a comprehensive guide that will help every reader found out a contemporary audio-video system during a small room like a home theatre or studio room.

Verdult covers everything the reader must know to optimize the reproduction of multichannel audio and high-resolution video. The book provides concrete advice on equipment setup, display calibration, loudspeaker positioning, room acoustics, and far more.

Detailed, easy-to-grasp explanations of the underlying principles make sure the reader will make the proper choices, find alternatives, and separate the rigid from the more flexible requirements to realize the simplest possible results.

About the Author

Vincent Verdult is currently Senior Information adviser at the Ministry of the inside and Kingdom Relations, The Hague, Netherlands . He was born in 1974 within the Netherlands. From 2001 to 2005, he was an professor in systems and control engineering at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands . In his spare time, he has used his engineering knowledge to style and build his own subwoofers, create and install his own acoustical devices, and optimize his audio-video setup in six different rooms over the last 20 years.

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