Redesigning Organizations: Concepts For The Connected Society

Redesigning Organizations
By Denise Feldner

This book offers readers a deeper understanding of the Cyberspace, of how institutions and industries are reinventing themselves, helping them excel within the transition to a completely digitally connected global economy. Though technology plays a key part during this regard, societal acceptance is that the foremost vital underlying condition, because it poses pressing challenges that cut across companies, developers, governments, and workers.

The book explores the challenges and opportunities involved, current and potential future concepts, critical reflections and best practices. It addresses connected societies, new opportunities for governments, the role of trust in digital networks, and future education networks. In turn, a sort of representative case studies demonstrates this state of development in practice.

About the Author

Denise Feldner is an independent innovation manager and IT lawyer. In 2012 she was appointed founding executive of U15, the association for political lobbying of leading German research universities. She served as deputy representative at the worldwide Council of Research-Intensive University Networks and headed the presidential team of Heidelberg University. Previously, she was a member of the founding team of the InnovationLab GmbH, a public-private partnership of elite universities and DAX companies. before that, she worked at the law of nations firm CMS Hasche Sigle, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, and therefore the Berlin Court of Appeals. Until 2008, she headed the research team of a Berlin firm that specializes in energy law, infrastructures, sustainability and concrete planning. Feldner is an invited member of the ECU Network of the Weizmann Institute, and of the Young European Mission of the Hebrew University, was appointed Young Leader of the Wilton Park Program, the BDI, the German-Russian Young Leaders and therefore the Helmholtz Academy. additionally to her full qualification as a judge, she holds an academic degree in business law for tech companies and completed her management studies at Malik Management, St. Gallen.

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