Sharing Ecosystem Services: Building More Sustainable and Resilient Society

Sharing Ecosystem Services
By Osamu Saito

Using “the sharing paradigm” as a guiding concept, this book demonstrates that “sharing” has much greater potential to form rural society resilient, sustainable and inclusive through enriching all four sharing dimensions: informal, mediated, communal and commercial sharing. The chapters are divided into two parts, one that focuses on case studies of the sharing ecosystem services in Japan, the opposite on case studies from around the world including within the regions of Africa, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Europe. Reflecting the recent growing attention to sharing concept and its application to economic and concrete context, this publication explores opportunities and challenges to create a more resilient and sustainable society consonant with nature by a critical examination of sharing practices in rural landscapes and seascapes around the world. This book introduces not only traditional communal and non-market sharing practices in several rural areas, but also new sorts of sharing through the integration of traditional practices and modern science and technologies.

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