The Survival Handbook

The Survival Handbook
By Colin Towell

Survive anything life throws at you with the last word visual guide to camping, wilderness, and outdoor survival skills.  manual skills, camping essentials, and advice on the way to survive regardless of the great outdoors throw at you.  find out how to read a map, the way to light a fireplace, and the way to create a raft, and everything you would like to understand about wild foods and natural dangers. enjoy inspirational real-life survival stories and be prepared for each outdoor situation.  Whether you're preparing for a camping trip or going further afield, The Survival Handbook may be a perfect guide to the good outdoors during a handy size to pack.

About the Author

Colin Towell joined the Navy in 1977 and qualified as a Survival Instructor with 22 Regiment SAS. He has taught survival skills to the united kingdom and USA Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force has served because the Royal Navy’s Chief Survival Instructor, and was Chief Instructor at the United States Navy SERE School for 3 years. he's the author of Essential Survival Skills and therefore the Survival Handbook.

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